Why Chelsea Boot!

"Your shoes off!" the airport security guard screams at you as you dash towards the blinking body-length security scanner, in an attempt to catch your flight. You are five minutes late to boarding-time and at this moment, every second of your time counts. You glance down at your Doc Martens boots or Military-inspired style boots strapped all the way above your ankles and wish for a miracle to happen and snap open the laces. The airport PA announces the last call for passengers boarding your flight. Begrudgingly, you bent down on your knees to unfasten the laces. The choice of travel outfits matters. When travelling you should dress as much comfortable as possible. If you come from warm countries (insert Kenya), dress warm as well, the inside of the plane can get colder than you are used to. 

Some people travel for leisure, others for work or business. If for leisure, you can wear anything decent, just don't be naked or something near. If for work or business, sometimes at destination, you may be forced to commute directly from airport to office or client site. In this case, you need to dress appropriately. One of your best choice for shoes when flying, should be the chelsea dress boot. With its elastic bands on either side as a fasteners, you can just kick them off at the airport security scanner and on the other side, slip them on as fast as possible. No delay. They are very stylish and the high boot style covers your ankles well against the chill inside the plane. So invest in a chelsea boot today and smile all the way the next time you travel. 

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