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You see them on magazines, you see celebrities and actors wearing them, but when you go shopping for them, unfortunately they are not available. If you are lucky to find them, the prices are too high for you to afford them. Such is the case for most clothes than common men (me and you) want to wear. The best menswear aren't easily accessible or affordable. In some instances and markets, similar items in design and style exist (counterfeits) but the quality of fabric is very poor or the fit is weird.

 At naiwear, we took the challenge. We came in to take the pain from men when shopping for the much coveted designer quality, unique, authentic, better-fitting and easy to wear clothes for men. We are injecting authenticity in the menswear space in Kenya. Our intention is to, of course, achieve all that at affordable prices.

Luxury is man-made. It is created purposely to maintain exclusivity in the fashion items that men-of-means wear. It is attained mainly by ensuring certain menswear items are inaccessible to common men through production of limited items and out-pricing the common men. At Naiwear, we do not seek to kill luxury, but to make it accessible and affordable.


The modern man has greatly evolved especially in how he dresses. Chances of spotting a stylishly dressed man on the streets of Nairobi are nowadays very high. Being dressed in a nice and well-fitting suit was a reserve of salesmen. That case is no more. The bar of looking good has been upped and any man failing to pay attention and upgrade may have to play catch up later.

 As every man seeks to upgrade their wardrobe, naiwear positions itself to be the solution to their fashion demands. The cool big brother to guide them on their journey to looking good. We see ourselves as the shopping destination for the stylish man by researching and sourcing menswear items that are classic and also trendy to ensure your wardrobe upgrade is hustle free.

In order to provide excellent customer experience and achieve success, our business model focuses on the following pillars;

  • Focus on Business and Smart Casual menswear and Made-to Measure Suits.

  •  Curation of ready-made high quality menswear that are affordable through intensive research and cost-effective sourcing.

  • Design new menswear pieces and/or modify popular and on-trend menswear designs to fit our customer needs.

  • Release "drop" collections monthly to ensure our customers enjoy on-trend items and latest designs.

  • Produce "Look Books" and "Style Tips" for each menswear piece to assist our customers know how to style our clothes.

  • Leverage Social media, our Website and Blog to keep our customers updated on latest menswear items, styles and fashion news.

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